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02 May

The Costco Connection

TOO OFTEN, we reach an age where we accept that we didn’t accomplish everything on our bucket list and decide to live out the rest of our days in routine. But Costco member Webb Weiman, founder of the nonprofit organization Jump!, based in La Quinta, California, has set out to change that. Jump! provides opportunities to seniors to help them accomplish even their wildest wishes. In 2011, Weiman, 54, accompanied his wife, Kimberly Lee, a lawyer, to an estate-planning presentation...

02 May

Winona Post

Louise Spencer’s voice is soft and kind, and her words come out with a slight Southern drawl. But the truck she stepped into last Friday growled deeply when she turned the ignition, and it let out a fierce hiss as its air brakes disengaged. It is just a week and a half from Spencer’s 92nd birthday and she is driving an 18-wheel semi-truck for the first time. She is not nervous. A nonprofit aimed at helping seniors cross items from their bucket...

02 May

Star Tribune Article

Six months past cancer surgery and nine days shy of her 92nd birthday, Louise Spencer pushed her walker up to the door of the 18-wheeler. She scampered up into the cab — on her own, eschewing the offers of help from onlookers — and plopped down in the driver’s seat behind the giant steering wheel. “It’s bigger than I am,” she said. She listened carefully as Tom Gierok, an instructor in the truck driving program at Minnesota State College Southeast, explained...

02 May

Edna SGV Tribune

Nonprofit helps fulfill woman’s dream to rumble on speedway track When Edna Baldwin turned 89, she went hang gliding. when she turned 90, she went sky diving. For her 91st birthday, she wanted to drive arace car, but she couldn’t find a cooperative racetrack.   ...

11 Jun

Suddenly 65

Filed under: Uncategorized — admin @ 3:37 pm Finally – An Informative Newsletter Just For Savvy Vital Seniors! If your parents, friends, or family complain they have nothing to do, they need to read Suddenly65.  It’s a FREE weekly e-mail newsletter sent to those over age 60 in the greater SFV area (Burbank up to Westlake Village). As appealing, fun, and informative as it is educational, it contains many interesting and undiscovered resources for that...

30 May

Senior Schmooze

Name:                  Jennie Meade Age:                     97 Residence:         Indio, CA Birthday:            August 21 How will you celebrate turning 98? I plan on visiting Washington to see my family. But before I do, there’s something I need to take care of. Is that “something” anything you can share? Check back with me on my birthday and I’ll be happy to share. What do you do for fun? I have made ceramics/figurines my whole life. Even though I have slowed down with that, I continue to work in my Chinese...

23 Jan

Weekend in San Francisco

An amazing weekend in San Francisco! I was there to produce a story about the Grant Avenue Follies for Jump!  The roots of this female Chinese dance troupe started back in the Forbidden City, which was the home of the Chinese nightclubs on Grant Avenue. Today, the dance troupe is primarily made up of ladies ranging from their mid-sixties to late seventies. The previous three Jumpisodes were based on individual seniors, so I was extremely excited to have this opportunity. A special thanks to...